FABE Virtual Summit on Climate Action on Earth Day 2020


We are pleased to announce FABE Virtual Summit for Earth Day 2020. Earth Day is celebrated April 22 of every year and this year, Earth Day will mark 50 years of global action.

This is the first time this is happening globally because of COVID-19 but we are excited because been locked down does not mean locked out of opportunities, learning and making positive actions for our environment which we all have in common.

The theme for this summit is : “Sustainability and Climate Action”

Climate Change represent the biggest challenge to the future of humanity and the life support systems that make our world habitable. On Earth Day, in partnership with Earth Day Network, we want to expand our reach through this summit and demand more action for climate and food sustainability in Lagos and Nigeria.

We have carefully selected speakers with vast industry experience who will address issues such as food, finance, environmental health, waste management and energy-Post COVID-19.

This summit will be educative, expository, interactive and enriching. Don’t be left out…….

Target Audience: Youths, Women, Students, Advocates for Sustainability and Professionals.

Time: 04:00 WAT

Venue: ZOOM (Click on the link in the bio or the link below to fill out the registration form)

Attendance is free but registration is necessary

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